Creating a sustainable textile industry


The time has come for beauty, quality and sustainability to live next to one another.

Sustainability has been a buzzword in most industries for quite some time, but turning the thought and concept into action have in some cases taken longer. Manufacturing textiles from raw materials has a multi-layered effect on the environment and creating sustainability in the textile industry, one of the world’s most polluting industries, is challenging.

Eshamima Fabrics took the bull by the horns, and partnered with an international upcycling company, The Ferre Company. This Spanish based company has been on the forefront of creating a closed loop industry and manufacturing sustainable textiles since 1974.
Eshanima Fabrics is the sole agent for The Ferre Company’s Recover collection in South Africa. Recover Upcycled Cotton Yarns have the best Higg MSI (material sustainability index) score. The Higg MSI enables manufacturers to measure and score the impact of product manufacturing on the environment and it shows that Recover is the lowest impact cotton yarns in the global industry.

Herewith the environmental savings of Recover in 2018:

Water: 43.4 billion litres
Pollutants: 3.2 million kg
Energy: 157 million kWh
Textile waste: 2.9 million kg
CO2 emissions: 61 million kg
PET bottles: 4.3 million
Landfill space: 7.2 million m2